Several times a year, SAA schedules critique programs for SAA members. At each critique meeting, two or three artworks (paintings, drawings, sculptures, or carvings) are selected by members at the meeting as Artworks of the Month. These pieces are displayed at the last meeting of the year, in October, and from these, we vote for Artwork of the Year. The winning artist has his/her name engraved on a silver bowl, which the artist keeps for one year until the next October meeting.

Critique Criteria

  1. The artwork must be submitted by 1:30 p.m. on the critique meeting day.
  2. Artists may submit one piece of art per critique meeting.
  3. The artist must be present.
  4. Art must be dry and ready to hang or display. Watercolors must be matted but do not need to be framed.
  5. The artist’s name, the title of the piece, and the medium used must be noted on the back or bottom of the work.
  6. Guests may present art work to be critiqued.
  7. Three artworks will be selected by vote of the members present as Artworks of the Month.
  8. The winning artworks and artists will have their picture taken for the local newspaper. Winning artists are reminded to make themselves and their artwork available to the photographer immediately at the close of the meeting.

All critiques are conducted by professional artists and art instructors from Northern California or Southern Oregon.

Artists of the Month for July 2022

Left to Right: Neil Jacobs, Joy Price and Donna Harper

Artists of the Month for June 2022

Karen Copsey with her oil painting, “India Street Scene,“ Barbara Soule with her mixed media painting “Chairs” and Howard Jones with his sculpture “Glass Paint Brush.”

Here are our Artists of the Month for April 2022! (It was a 5 way tie.)

From left to right: Joy Price, Beatrice Duran-Whiteman, Karen Copsey, Donna Harper and Ann Jensen.

Here are our Artists of the Month for February 2022!

From left to right: Betsy Shuteroff with her pastel, “Along the Gallatin” and Karen Copsey with her oil painting, “First Snow.”

The last time could gather as a group to pick Artists of the Month was back in February of 2020!

February 2020 Artworks of the Month
From left to right: Donna Wolfe, “Sandhill Cranes” (Acrylic);
Karen Copsey, “The Birdwatchers” (Oil);
Betsey Shuteroff, “Shasta Valley Dawn” (Pastel);
Carol Wilder, “Egret” (Pastel)

Links to photos of past award winners organized by year below: