2012 Critique Awards

2012 Artwork of the Year
Barbara Soule (above) – Acrylic Abstract
September 2012 – Artworks of the Month
Carol Wilder (above left) – Pastel
George Kraemer (above center) – Watercolor Landscape
Loree Dieckmann (above right) – Watercolor Landscape
June 2012 – Artworks of the Month
Victor Medrano (above left) – Oil Landscape – “Summer Afternoon”
Suzanne Nelson (above center) – Pastel Landscape – “Mi Casa”
Barbara Soule (above right) – Abstract Acrylic -“Desert’s Storm”
April 2012 – Artworks of the Month
Donna Sanders (above left) – Watercolor – “Cool Waters”
Loree Dieckmann (above right) – Watercolor – “Snowkissed Flowers”
February 2012 – Artworks of the Month
Robert “Mac” Magill (top) – Three-Dimentional Acrylic Painting – “Mother Goddess”
Gary Smoot (above left) – Owl Wood Sculpture
Judy Lapthorne (above right) – Oil Painting – “My Bean Pot”

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