2013 Critique Awards

2013 Artwork of the Year
Carol Wilder (above right) – Pastel Landscape – “Winter’s Gold”
Award Presented by SAA President Suzanne Mamedalin (above left)
July 2013 Artworks of the Month
Susan Nihen (left) – Watercolor
Joy Price (right) – Watercolor
May 2013 Artworks of the Month
Carol Wilder (left) – Pastel Landscape – “Winter’s Gold”
Darlene Ball (right) – Oil Landscape – “Mount Shasta from Castle Lake”

May 2013 Artwork of the Month

Larry Sassarini (above) – Oil Landscape – View from Hoy Road
March 2013 Artworks of the Month
Linda Cosner (above left) – Mixed Media Abstract
Joy Price (above right) – Watercolor – Hiroshima War Memorial

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